10 ‘Rules’ of Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken over the world and has become fundamental to so many aspects of life, including business. Marketing is no different; social media has been changed by the exponential use of social media sites. New markets are available which can be a huge advantage to any business, but there are ways to use social media more effectively.

Here are some tips, which can help your business develop a more effective social media marketing strategy, campaign and presence.

1. High Quality

With so much content available online these days, you need to ensure your posts are of the highest quality and really valuable to your target audience. Get a competitive edge by spending more time creating valuable content that you can share with your followers. Stellar content wins shares and likes, be useful, be informative, offer more than your competitors and you will win people’s trust and devotion.

If your campaign is only tailored around promos and self-serving social media updates, your followers are likely to switch to another business who offers them more.

2. Be Focused

Vague and undedicated content is of no use to people. Your followers are following you for a reason and want to see posts that are well targeted to their interests. Stick within your niche. It is a bad idea to try to post about everything; it will muddle your message, and turn people off who can to your profile with a specific intent. Post on topics in your own niche and perfect them to wow your audience.

3. Dedicate Time

Social media marketing is a not a quick activity; meaningful posts take time and thought. You need to dedicate this time to your social media marketing strategy to ensure it will be effective. There is no point rushing through a few posts once a week with little interaction; this will not create the best image of your brand and business. Social media marketing experts recommend each word and each link to be thought out with specific goals in mind, be it to build your brand, offer a more valuable customer experience, make sales, or simply engage new followers with authority content.

4. Connect With Key Individuals And Organisations

To be effective and influential, you need to identify the key people or organisations who can promote your business. These organisations will ensure the audience you are trying to reach will see your posts and can increase your business. Social media is one of the best platforms to connect and network with other marketers and businesses in your niche, and cross promotions are ideal opportunities to grow your customer base. Don’t be afraid to promote others, the rewards can be substantial.

5. Be Accessible To Your Followers

There is no point posting content online and not enabling people to interact with you following the post. You need to ensure you are available to your followers so they can interact with you and ask questions, which give you a further chance to promote your business and become a go-to source in your niche.

6. Share & Promote Other People’s Online Content

If you want people to engage with you, you need to share and comment on their content. Social media marketing is not a one-way street; you need to share, repost, and comment on other people’s content and they will do the same for you. This further promotes your business and increases awareness of your brand.

7. Pick Your Social Media Sites

Not every demographic will use the same social media sites. To be effective, you need to pick the sites, which are used most by the people that you are trying to target. For example, Snapchat is used by young people whereas all ages are on Facebook and Twitter more. 58% of all Pinterest users are women, who shop! So, any ecommerce benefits from being on Pinterest.

8. Acknowledge Your Followers

If a potential customer contacts you by telephone or comes to your office, you would greet them and provide a good level of customer service. Enquiries online is no different; if one of your followers contacts you through social media, you need to ensure they are contacted with the same priority as if they came in through your office.

9. Remember Your Followers Are People

It may sound silly, but it can be easy to forget there is a normal human behind each social media post, like and comment. Tailoring your social media content to these people will ensure they feel valued and included; this is what will increase sales for your business.

10. Pay Attention To Competitor’s Posts

A key method of ensuring your social media marketing works is to simply read other posts. This means you will be kept up to date with the latest trends and developments, to which you can respond accordingly. It also helps avoid replication and enables you to set your posts apart from others.

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