4 Types of Facebook Ads You Can Use for Your Business

Contrary to what many people may believe, there is not just one sole way of advertising on Facebook. There are several different ways you can advertise, and depending on what you’re trying to achieve, some will be better and more effective than others. Here are the main types of Facebook ads that you should consider for your blog or business.

1. Getting More Page Likes

The good thing about advertising in order to get more page likes is that you’re constantly building up a crowd of people who are going to follow your business even after the ad period has ran out. If they like your page, they will be able to get updates on your business even without you needing to advertise. While you may carry on advertising anyway to get further business, the current followers will see your posts without advertising it to them.

2. Getting More Post Interaction

You might not be too interested in getting plenty of likes for your Facebook page, but rather you’re interested in getting engagement on the post and then clicks through to a link which is included in the post you’re advertising. Post interactions will further promote the post, since friends of friends will see the ad too, even if you haven’t targeted it to that particular demographic. This is an easy way to double or triple the amount of people who see your post – if people comment and share the post, they are doing free advertising for you.

3. Video Ads

Videos are a great way of getting more interaction and more clicks through to your website, but videos work best if you’re trying to get a following of people who will come back for more. If you post a funny video, an interesting video or simply something relevant to a particular demographic, you will be sure to get extra likes on your page and increase your fan base.

4. Carousel Ads

These types of adverts work best if you have a website that sells products or a variety of services. You can post several photographs under the same ad, and the viewers can scroll through the pictures, usually around 3-4. Not only does this allow you to advertise more content within the same post, but it also lets you create a bigger post which looks more attractive and contains plenty of useful information.

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