4 Ways to Save Time on Content Creation

If you have a website or a blog, posting fresh content is likely to take up most of your time. Content can be anything that gets posted on your site, such as videos, articles, news pieces or photographs. Thankfully there are several ways you can save time on your content creation to give you more time to focus on other business tasks.

1. Hire Somebody Else
If you can’t write very quickly or find that it’s more cost-effective to pay somebody else to write for you than it is to do it yourself, you can find freelancers all over the world who are happy to write at a rate which is comfortable for both of you. This works great if your expertise lies elsewhere and your blog doesn’t rely on you personally creating the content.

If, however, your personality is essential to your blog, then you can still hire people to help with other tasks. For example, you could hire an editor who checks your posts before you publishes them. Or an assistant who uploads the post to your blog, formats it correctly and creates visuals to go with it.

2. Create Content Away from your Website
If you have a day job and you’re on the train to work in the morning and have an idea, jot it down or even start to make a plan. If you want to write a new post, for example, start writing it on your phone or on paper and then type it up in the evening when you return home from your day job.

3. Brainstorm New Ideas
Sitting down and trying to come up with ideas for content can often be difficult, so brainstorming many ideas and keeping them to refer to later can save you loads of time. Then, when you need to update your blog with fresh content, simply go to the list you have created and you’ll instantly get new ideas. You’ll spend less time thinking about what to do and more time actually doing it!

4. Use Visual Aids
It’s not all about text – in fact, it’s much easier for people to read content that has pictures and colours involved. Rather than spending half an hour writing a couple of hundred extra words, you can put a photograph or two in between some of the paragraphs of your blog post. Not only is this more appealing to visitors, but you’ll save hours and hours over the months. Just don’t forget that very short blog posts aren’t usually as helpful (though not always!), so avoid writing less than 300-400 words of text.

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