5 Ways to Wow With Multi-Media in Your Lead Magnets

Lead magnets or freebies are often eBooks or reports. But, you can make your lead magnets much more valuable to your audience by incorporating video, audio, webinars and more into the mix. The reason is that people learn in different ways and engage in different ways. By appealing to all the senses you’ll improve your conversion rate exponentially.

When you think of multimedia just think of a combination of content that is used together. Even a meme is multimedia. It combines images with text. Other examples of multimedia are video, audio, webinars, images, apps, and software.

1. Video

While many people do like to read content, others prefer to watch the content. That’s why YouTube and other video sites are so popular. A great lead magnet that incorporates video could be a series of interviews that you’ve turned into a report. To make it more compelling offer the videos and the report together.

2. Audio

If you have any type of written content you can add audio to it or create an audio version of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eBook or a blog post, transcribing it into audio is a great way to attract people who want to consume your content as part of their day of multitasking. For example, they might listen to it while they’re going on their daily walk instead of having to read the information.

3. Webinars

You probably already know that webinars are a hot lead magnet. Webinars that teach something specific, answer questions and engage the audience convert better than most reports or eBooks. This is true even if you simply turn a how to blog post or eBook into a webinar. Webinars give you an opportunity to show your expertise as well as build your email list.

4. Images

Any report will look better and make more sense if you include relevant images. It’ll make the words stand out and make more sense to many people. Showing examples and displaying pictorial examples of what you’re describing in words makes the content even more compelling and makes it stand out and look more professional. That’s why most blog posts look better with an image and get shared more too.

5. Apps

Depending upon your niche, you might want to create an app. This works well for weight loss, diet, and cooking niches. But it can also work for other niches if you have the know how or can hire someone to create an app. There are also white label apps you can use to boost the value of your lead magnet.

Tapping into the technology that is available for you will increase conversions on all your lead magnets. When you can make them just a little bit better, a little more modern, and answer the problems and questions that your audience has you can increase return on investment many times over. Ensure that your multi media add-ons make sense for your audience before proceeding. Know what types of platforms they use to access your information and how they prefer getting information before proceeding. But, in most cases, multimedia in your lead magnets will wow your audience and encourage them to convert to buyers after seeing your amazing lead magnet.

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