7 Key Steps to Effective List Building

If you want to build a targeted email list the first thing you need to do is create a list and get started. Determine what software you want to use because that is important. For example, you can’t use some of the services like Mail Chimp of you want to engage in affiliate marketing. So, determine which software you want to use, and then get started with list building based on your niche and target audience.

  1. Know Your Audience – You’ve heard it before but you must know your audience so well that you can create an example ideal client persona that you can look at to ensure accuracy in product and content creation that they’ll need and love.
  2. Understand Your Niche – If you don’t know your niche and industry you’re not going to be able to choose products or services to promote. Much less create any products or services. Study your industry and stay up to date on everything always.
  3. Choose Your Technology – The autoresponder, landing page, website, and another tech that you need to ensure list building goes smoothly is imperative. Make a list of the features you want before looking at all the options. Find out what people in your niche are using most and choose that if you’re not sure.
  4. Place Opt-in Forms & Opportunities Everywhere – Don’t just put your opt-in form in one place. Try more than one place and move them around to find out what works best. Try in context, under content, side bar, pop ups, unders, and slides. Try an overlay with a sales page for your freebie. Find out what works best for your audience and other promotions will be more profitable.
  5. Know Why – If you don’t know the main reason for having a list, then you need to revisit who your audience is, what your niche is, and what you offer the potential audience in terms of solutions for their main pain points. Every message needs to answer who, what, when, why and how to be effective.
  6. Create Content – Once you know the answers to all the questions about your niche and the audience you can start developing content to attract them to your website, your blog, and to sign up for your email list. The content you create needs to be targeted and compelling to help lead your audience through the entire buying cycle.
  7. Get Visitors – Part of creating content will create traffic too, but there are more ways to get traffic than simply creating content. Run ads. Join JV partnerships. Guest blog. Create a community on Facebook. Participate in communities on Facebook and elsewhere online. Get known as an expert and focus on building your list and getting traffic to your website.

You need to know who you want on your list and what you want them to do once they are list members. To accomplish getting people on your list you need to truly understand your audience, what their pain points are, and how you can help them. Knowing where your audience hangs out is helpful too. Plus, you need to generate enough content that helps your website or blog get noticed.

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