7 Ways To Nurturing Engaged Subscribers

From the moment your subscribers sign up, it’s now your responsibility to engage them. They trusted you enough to sign up for some reason, now you need to prove that it was the right choice for them to do it by creating messages that they want and need to receive. Messages that they can understand and relate to. Messages that make them want to click, share, and act on them.

1. Set the Tone

In your first message to your subscribers you will set the tone and teach them what to expect from you. If you’re engaging and interesting in a welcome email, imagine how great your content filled messages will be? Plus, this is an opportunity to tell your audience when you’ll send messages and what type of things they’ll miss out on if they don’t open them.

2. Don’t Be Corporate

Set the from area of your email to use a personal name instead of your business name. Your email may be sales@yourbusinessdotcom but it should be from Sally & Joe if that’s who is running the business. This makes it that more likely that your audience will remember you and open your messages.

3, Ask for Replies

Many businesses erroneously send out “no-reply” email messages. But, if you want more opens, and better deliverability, plus engaged subscribers, you should ask your subscribers to respond to you in some way. Invite them to respond with a “heck yea” or a “Love it!” in those first few emails and later emails to improve deliverability. Better deliverability inevitably means better open rates.

4. Be Yourself

Just like you, your business should have a personality. Use words that will show your personality and who you are as a person so that your business becomes personified. When people see your business as you, they’re much more likely to engage with you on a more personal level.

5. Connect Everywhere

It’s important to cross promote via email other ways that your subscribers can engage with you. Share your social media networks, ask them to participate in a discussion, or to comment on your blog post. These types of engagement opportunities will make a lot of difference for engagement with your audience.

6. Incentivize Your Subscribers

When people communicate with you and engage with you, if you spotlight them and reward them for being loyal customers, valuable members, and make them feel as if they’re part of your inner circle you’re going to encourage more engagement from those who might be less likely to engage.

7. Don’t Over Do It

Avoid sending too many overly promotional messages. You do want to promote. You do want every message to have a call to action. But, you also want each message you send to stand on its own as something valuable that your audience is receiving from you for free.

Ensure that you send messages that truly matter to your ideal audience. If the message doesn’t match what the subscriber is expecting then something might be in error about the way you’re presenting or promoting your business. Everything needs to be well thought out and cohesive so that your subscribers know what to expect from you and what you expect from them right from the start.

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