Sassy & Savvy Courses

If you are interested in some self-study courses that address specific areas of your Digital Marketing Strategy… I’ve got something for you! My series of Sassy & Savvy Courses of course! These are packed with actionable information that will help boost your visibility online.

What’s more? Although these are ‘DIY’ courses, they’re truly ‘DWS’ courses (i.e. Do It With Sarah) because I’m throwing in, as a bonus, a FREE 1 Hour Strategy Session with every purchase of these courses. (The normal rate of my Strategy Calls is $127, so this is a big bonus to help you boost your results even further.)

Have a look at the self-study courses currently available…

Facebook Ads Savvy

It’s here… My Facebook Ads Savvy Course, packed with effective strategies to grow your business with Facebook Advertising!

Discover the methods and techniques used by the most successful Facebook Ads advertisers so you too can profit and succeed!

Simply follow my Step-By-Step Strategies outlined in the course, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your business! The course includes step-by-step screenshots to help you out. I’m serious when I say I care about your business and I want you to succeed!

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