Facebook Ads vs. Google and Other Ad Options

When you’re just setting up a business or website, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the amount of options which are available to you. Not only are there hundreds of options when it comes to designing your website, putting content on there and promoting it to your readers, but there are also specific options for advertising your website and posting ads on the internet.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

One of the most popular type of adverts for a website is Google Ads. This allows businesses to advertise their websites by putting an ad on the Google search pages. This ad will normally show when people search for something which is related to your website, so it allows you to target the ads to people who might actually be bothered and click on the link, thus improving traffic levels to your website and potentially increasing sales and revenue.

Although Google ads are somewhat targeted, in that they are shown to people who have searched a similar keyword to that of your business and website, it doesn’t allow you to target it quite as well as Facebook ads do. With Facebook ads, you are able to alter the age range of the people you want to show the ad to, the gender, the location and many different factors. If you’re posting about something which you know more women will be clicking on, you can choose to show it to women in a certain area and within a certain age range. This is something that Google ads doesn’t quite allow you to do.

Facebook Ads vs. Other Ads

Apart from really being able to target your audience as much as possible, Facebook ads are also very budget-friendly and allow smaller businesses to spend no more than what they can afford to spend. You can place ads for as little as $2, and although you might not reach hundreds of people, you’ll still be able to see how the ads work and if they bring in any extra business. If you want to increase the amount you spend, you can do this at any time.

Rather than only having one general advertisement for your business, Facebook ads enables you to promote as many posts as you want. When you create a new post, simply click the option to promote it and you can choose who you want it to be viewed by and how much money you would like to spend on advertising.

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