How to Build a Highly Targeted Email List

If you’ve already started building your list but you’re not sure whether you’re building a targeted list or not, it’s okay. It’s not too late. Keep the list you have but start over with how you identify your audience, attract them to sign up for your list, and engage with them. The people who aren’t ideal will naturally drop off your list over time.

Know Your Audience

It’s been said multiple times but you must know your audience. If you’re not sure right now who your audience is it’s important to drill down and figure it out. You should be able to create an audience avatar that you can look to before creating a single product or marketing message. When you do that you’ll be more targeted in what you create and in who you attract.

Know Your Customer

When people purchase from you, get to know them more. When you really know your customer, it’ll help you better target your audience because you’re going to get a bigger picture of the type of people who need and want your products or services. Over time, as you get more customers your audience avatar should represent your ideal customer.

Go After Them

The way you go after your audience and ideal customer is to know them. When you know them, you’ll know where they hang out, what they do in their spare time, and even what keeps them up at night. You can use that information to craft the right messages on all platforms that your audience likes whether that is a Facebook Group, a Live Event, or something else entirely.

Segment Your List

You can think of your email list in many ways. But, it’s one list segmented based on the preferences you set up. At the least, a list should be segmented to put customers in one segment, leads (audience) on another segment. When you develop more lead magnets, more products, and more services you’ll have more segments which can be automatically happen based on their behaviour as you set it up in your autoresponder using the methods that system has such as tagging.

Engage Your List

It’s crucial that once you get people on your list you craft messages that will keep them engaged. It starts with your welcome message and it doesn’t end. Even if they buy a product or service from you, your relationship should continue, just in a different way on a segmented and appropriate part of your list based on their behaviour. You can even reactivate a list with the right message.

If you’re unsure if your list is targeted or not craft a message to them offering a freebie that you think they’d all like and market it to your list as you would elsewhere. If they click through, then you can move them to a new segment of your list as active responders who act.  The people who don’t act, may not be your people. That’s okay. You can either clean them from your list or send more aggressive messages so that they either act or cleanse themselves of your list.

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