How to Build Your List Across Different Channels

At times it’s truly distracting to think about all the ways and channels in which you can engage with people online. There are groups, teams, blogs, online radio shows, social networks and more all designed to help people engage with one another in different ways. But, no matter how exciting all the technology is, your number one goal should be to get them on your email list.

Whether they come to your Facebook Group, your Pinterest, your YouTube channel or read your blog you should work toward getting them on your email list by putting that list option ‘in their face’ at each location that you engage with your audience.

The best way to do that is to send them to your website and offer them something that will compel them to sign up. You can do that in numerous ways, as follows:

1. Social Media

The way to get them on your list via social media is to share with them live events, cheat sheets, checklists or other freebies that will require them to sign up. Plus, share blog posts and other information from your website with a blurb and a link back to the site.

2. Cross Promote

If you’re on social media promote your list and website; if you’re on your website promote your social media and list. No matter what you’re doing you must promote your list and find ways to entice people to sign up for your list.

3. Live Events & Webinars

Whether online or offline, live events are a great way to get people to sign up for your email list. When they sign up to attend the live event they should get on your list. If you’re a speaker at an event usually you can give away a freebie to the audience, ensure that this gets them on your list too.

4. Press Coverage

If you’re doing anything news worthy consider sending out a press release. Even if the press doesn’t show up, you can get coverage just from the story in the press release if it’s published. Ensure that you always include a link to a landing page on your site that asks them to sign up for your list.

5. Segment Your List

Use the features that your autoresponder provides to further segment your list after they join. Sure, when they join they’ll go to a specific list that you’ve created for people who signed up with that form. But, they should be further segmented based on their behaviour and how they respond (or don’t respond) to your messages, offers, and calls to action.

6. Create Memberships

This is a great way to build your list too. Not only are they members of your community and website whether the membership is housed on Facebook or your website making them feel as part of a community will help encourage them. When they sign up to be a member they should be added to a list automatically.

Your marketing efforts should all be designed to lead them to get on your email list as soon as possible. Then, your automated email messages will nurture your audience, segment your audience, and feed them what they need to not only stick around but to start answering your calls to action!

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