How to Get Affiliates to Grow Your Email List

You know that affiliates are great for promoting products, but did you know that affiliates are also happy to promote your email list too? The trick is to offer a good paid upsell with a high commission level so that they can get backend commissions if people convert over the free offer? You can even do this for 100 percent pay out and still get very low cost targeted subscribers through your affiliates’ audiences.

Definition of Upselling

Upselling means that you encourage your audience to upgrade to a more expensive version of the initial product or service. The initial product can be either a free or low-cost version, then the paid option is the fully featured version.

Upselling Example

A good upsell offer example is software that offers a free or low-cost limited version to get started, then when you’re trying to check out to get the free or low-cost software the system offers you a limited time to upgrade to a more expensive but more fully featured option. The price increase should be subtle so that while your audience is in a spending mood they won’t see the difference as large.

By using this method, you can get affiliates interested in promoting even free offers due to the chance or likelihood that the traffic they send will upgrade to the paid or more expensive version thus increasing sales totals for the affiliate. If you pay out 100 percent or close to 100 percent it will incentivize them to promote even harder and you’ll be more likely to build your list even bigger.

How to Upsell

To create an upsell it only requires you to add the information to the checkout page so that they can choose to check out or upgrade. Most of your landing page software will easily accommodate up selling and make it simple for your audience so that they don’t get frustrated by their inability to check out and get what they wanted. Even if you don’t use landing page software you can use a combination of autoresponder software and your shopping cart software to accomplish this. is a really good choice along with, and to help make this happen for you and your affiliates.

Get Your Affiliates on Board

Market to your affiliates how awesome the offer is, and what they can earn out of it, and they’ll be sure to help you drive traffic to it so that you can build your email list fast. If you have a very targeted offer, and active and enthusiastic affiliates, it’s a winning proposition and doesn’t take much more work to add this option to any type of product, service, or freebie to convert more people into becoming members of your email list.

Anytime you want to build your list bigger, you can try this method to leverage affiliates to help you build your list bigger and better. Remember though, it’s also about your offer. Make it super targeted to the type of people you want on your list or it won’t matter if your list is bigger.

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