How to Grow Your List With Content Upgrades

Content upgrades can help you grow your list fast. If you don’t know, a content upgrade is essentially bonus content that is laser targeted toward a specific post, page, or product when that post, page or product is also extremely specific to the audience you want to attract. The content upgrade is designed to entice subscriptions to an email list.

Examples of Content Upgrades

Let’s look at some examples of content upgrades so that you’re not confused with an add-on offer.  A content upgrade is something that is directly related to the content they’re already consuming and not something that stands alone. It’s not an eBook or another product. A content upgrade goes with the content you’re creating and wouldn’t make sense without it.

1. PDF of Your Popular Blog Post Series

If you have a blog post series whether you’re posting it consecutively or not, a great way to encourage downloads (and newsletter sign ups) is to offer a PDF of all the blogs in the series in one document. Require an email and name to receive it, and you’ve created a new subscriber. If a subscriber chooses to download the content upgrade you can then segment them into a new list by tagging them so that you can create messages designed just for them based on what they downloaded.

2. Checklist to Go With a “How to” Blog Post

This is a great example of a content upgrade too. Let’s say you created a how to blog post such as “How to Organize Your Home” then you can create a checklist for your audience to use while organizing their home so that they can take it offline with them but still remember what they read in the article.

3. Video Example of Post Content

What if you described an exercise in a blog post, or you posted a recipe on a blog post? You could offer a content upgrade such as a video of you going through the steps in the blog post. This is an excellent way to get more subscribers for your list as well as segment your audience who loves video from those who don’t seem to care about it.

4. Flash Cards to Supplement a Course

If you have a course that you teach you can upgrade the content by offering something like flash cards to go with the course. This is a great way to get people to sign up for your email list if you’ve offered the course free on your blog or you want to segment your list further by sending the offer to the people who took the course.

Content upgrades have very high conversion rates and will help you build your list or further segment your list fast. The reason is that the upgrade is very specific to the content that the viewer is already consuming which means they are highly interested. People who sign up for content upgrades are also a lot more responsive to other offers than those who sign up for email lists elsewhere.

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