How To Improve Your Email Open Rates

It’s tempting to set up your autoresponder series and then never look at your email service again. But, your email service offers so many analytics that enables you to improve your marketing results over time. But only if you keep an eye on open rates so that you can improve them because you can’t fix what you don’t know.

Also, even if something is working like gangbusters today doesn’t mean it won’t die down and stop working tomorrow. You’re going to have to get used to the idea of continually tweaking, improving, and changing up things to increase your return on investment. Thankfully, it’s not very difficult once you get over the idea of worrying about numbers.

Use the numbers to help you know what to do, but think of it as just information instead of numbers and stats that will help you make decisions. For example, if your open rates aren’t where you want them to be there are numbers ways to improve them. Let’s look at a few ideas to help improve open rates.

  • Modify Subject Lines – Before making assumptions on your message at this point, try changing up your subject lines and resend the messages. A good subject line peaks the curiosity of the reader without tricking them to click through. Tell them what’s in the email so that they want to look.
  • Change from Line – When someone receives an email from “Team” or “Sales” or “Generic Business Name” that might turn them off. Likely, they signed up to receive your content because of you, not because of your business name. Be personal and use your personal name in the from line of all emails.
  • Send Them Again – Resend messages to people who did not open them with a new subject line to try to get the ones who did not open the email to open it. You can keep whittling the unopened emails by doing this as many times as you desire. Some people are said to need contact with you 7 to 14 times before they’ll respond.
  • Change Your Timing – Maybe your audience will be more likely to open your email if you simply change the time and/or day that you send the message. If you look at your stats you may be able to determine which time is best for your audience in terms of opening your messages.
  • Segment Further – Another thing that might help improve open rates is to segment your list more than you already have it segmented. You should already have segmented based on how they got on your list and their behavior after joining. But, maybe you want to try segmenting based on demographics too so you can create even better messaging and timing.
  • Check SPAM Words – There are certain words that can trigger spam filters causing your message to be sent directly to spam folders everywhere. The best way to help eliminate this problem is to get creative with the language you use. Words like: free, more money, earning, winning, can trigger filters.

In addition, create messages that are clear and cover one topic/problem at a time. Craft messages that are engaging and laser targeted for your audience so that they develop trust for you and begin to open your messages out of habit because they can’t wait to see what’s inside the message.

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