How to Tap Into Other People’s Lists to Grow Your Own

There is a little-known secret to using other people’s lists to help you build your own. That secret is to join forces with others who may be your competition, or who sells items to your niche that is complementary to yours, who are willing to share resources to create something amazing for your combined audiences. Here’s how to do it.

Join Bundle Sales

A bundle sale is when someone organizes an event where everyone becomes an affiliate, everyone donates a digital item to the bundle, and then everyone who has donated then promotes the bundle to their email lists and communities. You get a chance to build your list because the people are downloading the item free from you in exchange for their email address.

The customer is usually highly valued because they paid a small price for access to your product. For example, there might be 50 products worth thousands in the bundle of interest to your audience that only pay a fraction of the value, such as $20, with affiliates sharing in 50 to 100 percent of the sale price.

Join Give-a-Way Event

Sometimes people need sponsors for events. They will often take either money or products for these events. You will house the product on your website so that when they come to download it, they will provide their email address allowing you to build your list. Everyone who donates participates in promoting the giveaway to their entire list.

Guest Post Strategically

Guest posting is not dead. If you choose to guest post it’s a great way to build your list if you have a good freebie to offer that you’re allowed to link to either in your bio or as part of the guest post. If you have an affiliate program you can entice the owner of the blog to use their affiliate link which may incentivize them to let you guest post. Guest post only on complementary blogs that have the same audience you do that have good traffic and good-sized lists equal to or better than yours.

Exchange Ad Space

Many people have huge email lists that include ad space. Even if you’ve not monetized your email list yet in this way it’s a good thing to offer to someone else. If you know anyone who has an email list equal to or bigger than yours offer to exchange ad space with them so that you can both run ads on each other’s lists.

Join a Fundraiser

Sometimes businesses get involved in fundraisers because someone in the community has a need for money. Even though you’re giving the item away and people are paying for access to your item for the charity, you still will build your list because you collect their email address before they download the item.

Host a Joint Event

After you’ve joined a few events it’s a good idea to consider hosting. The host gets to create the tone of the event and will end up with more clout than the guests even though the guests do most of the work in terms of presenting. When people sign up for the event you’ll build your email list and so will your guests as they promote the event too.

Host a Bundle Sale

Again, if you’re in charge of the bundle sale you’ll be the one earning the income not paid out to affiliates for selling the bundle. It’s fair because the host puts everything on a website landing page, and set the tone and rules of the event. Plus, usually, the host promotes a lot more than the participants. As a host, you boost your expertise quotient too ensuring your list grows even bigger.

Host a Fundraiser

Just like you can host the other ideas you can also host a fundraiser. The good thing about hosting is you get to choose the charity. You can even ask your list to choose based on a poll the charity that the proceeds go to. This will ensure that your audience is happy about the charity of choice while also building your list.

You can use any of these methods to leverage other people’s lists to grow your list faster. Even if you don’t have a large list yet yourself, many people will be more than willing to work with you on these types of events. Many masterminds and inner circle groups often do these things with each other so look out for opportunities to help you build your email list fast.

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