How to Use Zero Cost Ads to Grow Your Mailing List

Growing your list takes several different methods. One method that works well is to run ads marketing your freebie on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. How much this will cost is very dependent on how well your ad is targeted as well as understanding what the goal is for your advertisement. There is a way to reduce the cost of your ad spend to zero while trying to build your list with freebies and ads.

Use Your Thank You Page

The process is simple. Simply use the Thank You Page to offer a paid product to those who have downloaded the freebie offer your ad was based on. Once they get to the thank you page they’re already signed up for your email list. Giving them this extra option to buy something right away is a great way to not only qualify the list but to help pay for your ads. The goal here is zero cost ads and to break even not to make a profit.

Test Everything First

The best way to do this is to first test how the freebie with upsell, to see how it converts on its own for your ideal audience by promoting it using free traffic options first. That way you have a starting number to judge what the conversion rate should be once you start running advertisements to the freebie offer.  Once you know the conversion rate (traffic vs buyers) figured out you will understand how much you can afford to spend on your ads.

The Math

Conversion Rate:

Paid Items: purchases / total visitors
Freebies: Sign ups / total visitors
Ad Spend: revenue / total visitors

Let’s imagine that your test revealed that for every 100 visitors 50 people get the free offer, (50% conversion for a free offer and sign up for list). Then of the people who got the free offer 25 purchased the upsell. That means the conversion rate for sales is 25 percent. If the product price was $20 dollars then you earned $500 dollars. That means it’s costing $5 dollars per visitor to convert sales ($500/100 = $5).

Therefore, you can spend up to $5.00 per click and still break even on your advertisement to build your email list. Once you set up your advertisement, if you find that you’re converting at a higher rate than you thought, you can adjust your ad spend to keep your income at zero and your ad spend equalized so that your total cost ends up being zero. Always check the numbers as you move forward so you can adjust on the fly.

Placing ads on social media is an excellent way to increase your email list size and your sales. Plus, it helps you find your audience in a more direct way than other methods. Since you can do it basically for free if you plan, do your research, and test your offerings it will be very lucrative to try this list building method sooner rather than later.

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