Tweak Your Confirmation Page To Increase Double Opt-In Rates

When a new person signs up for your freebie, they often must double opt-in before they receive the freebie. But this can be confusing to some people. It depends on your audience but the confirmation page is a great place to put extra information designed to increase the opt-in rate for your email list. Because some people will miss this one step thus lowering your conversion rates exponentially.

What is a Double Opt-in?

Most email providers require that anyone who signs up for your email list do something called “double opting in”. This means that they 1) entered their email address and information into a form to receive your freebie or sign up for your newsletter then 2) responded to the first email messages by opening it and clicking agreement to receive your email messages.

This process ensures that even if someone claims your messages are spam it’s easy to check that they did opt-in to receive your messages and you can’t get into trouble for spam since the definition of spam is sending out information to people who did not agree to get it. Of course, you should also make sure your messages are above board and legal too, but the main point of opting in is to give permission to you to send messages via email to the list member.

Every Page Can Be Improved

Even though the opt-in page is likely created by your autoresponder service, they usually let you edit it to make it your own. Based on who your audience is, you may also want to expand on the directions to explain to them what to expect on the sign-up page first then also improve the double opt-in confirmation page.

Sign Up Page & Form

When you describe your freebie that’s where you can also explain using video, text or both what the audience member should expect going forward. “Once you sign up to receive this amazing solution for your problem you’ll be sent an email from the autoresponder we use called Aweber. You should open the email, then click the link provided inside this email to confirm your agreement to sign up for this fabulous freebie.”

Confirmation Page

Then you will want to update the directions on the confirmation page too. Even though you just gave them instructions on the sign-up page, you’ll want to also fix the instructions your autoresponder provides for the confirmation page to ensure that your audience understands the directions. “Terrific! Almost done! Don’t miss out on your amazing problem-solving freebie, click the link below, then you’ll receive an email with a link to your freebie so that you can download it.” Remind them what they signed up for, and why they’re doing it so they’ll see it through all the steps.

Depending upon your autoresponder service you can add more text, images, your own page completely, a video, audio and more to help your audience understand exactly what is happening and what will happen when they sign up and then confirm their subscription so that they can finally get your freebie.

Make sure they know about the double opt in and to look for that confirmation email. Remind them that they get the lead magnet as soon as they confirm.

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