What Is Canva.com?

If you are looking for an easy image editing and creation tool to use in your business, then look no further than Canva.com. It’s a tool which I have been using for years, and although I do use other tools in my business, I find myself recommending Canva because it is (1) free to use, and (2) it is extremely user friendly, so any non-techy person can use it to create good looking images.

So if you have come across Canva, but you’re not sure what it is and how it you can use it in your business, check out the video below where I explain what this tool is and give you a look on the inside.

With Canva you can easily create various types of images for your digital marketing needs. If you need images to use for Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter, etc, they have a lot of layouts which can help you create professional looking images, which you can easily customise to fit the look of your brand.

A lot of the layouts available come in pre-set dimensions required for use in the different social media site, so you do not need to worry for example, about what size your Facebook cover image needs to be and how you’re going to figure it out. The layout in Canva for Facebook covers some pre-set in the correct dimensions you need them to be. And this also goes for other images and layout.

Signing up to Canva.com is quick and free, so I encourage you to sign up and test it out yourself!

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